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CovidArBot - Coronavirus Argentina

A Telegram bot with official information about the Coronavirus pandemic.

Telegram bots are really easy to deploy and update. I made it in just 2 days, including a system to find changes on information sources.

Main menu

CovidArBot on Telegram

Git Repository

Compicactus - Virtual celebrity

Compicactus is a virtual celebrity. Using motion capture and Blender's real time capabilities I make TikToks and other videos.

People can also talk to it (in spanish) on Telegram. It uses a GPT-2 model to generate responses.

Real time render

Compicactus on Telegram

Compicactus on TikTok


rDany is a virtual companion. It went trough several incarnations, from rule based chatbot to a more sophisticated Deep Learning system.

The current "body", designed by Evelin Unfer

Right now the chatbot is based on the GPT-2 model.

Making rDany talk with other chatbots results in hilarious conversations. Take a look:

rDany talking with Mutsuku

rDany talking with Elbot

rDany on Telegram

Stochastic Multiresolution Event Function Flow for Structured Knowledge Representation

Event Cognition Knowledge Representation

This paper (Work in Progress) presents a novel Knowledge Representation inspired on Event Cognition models, capable to store experiences in a similar way our brain might do.

Dnieper river, by Tim Kopra / NASA

This is how I think knowledge should be represented, as a Flow running through time constantly modified by Events.
Knowledge is not static, it changes depending of the point of view, the moment, and the scale.

Git Repository (work in progress)

Illusion of life, by Software

This work discusses theoretical concepts about how to build systems that can convey the illusion of life.

Git Repository (spanish)

The Amorzorzores

A Webcomic developed with Kugatsu.

The idea is to tests the limits of SVG and CSS technologies to create interactive games.

Amorzorzores website

Style Transfer

Style transfer is a technique that allows to separate the information about the content and the style from an image. This is achieved training a neural network on classification and latter separate the information stored on low level and high level neural network layers.

Transferring style

The original idea of the algorithm is to take the style of one image and transfer it into another, maintaining the content.

To test the system I used a photograph and a drawing of woods

This image have the content of the photograph, and the style of the drawing

Color Grading Transfer

I decided to extend this technique to transfer the Color Grading from a picture to another.

Original image to copy the Color Grading from

Color grading transferred to Davy Jones

Color grading transferred to Gollum

Lighting Transfer

Also we can transfer the lighting from a picture to a 3D scene.

Source of lighting

Davy Jones lighting style applied to a 3D scene

The source of lighting can be a drawing!

Drawing lighting style applied to a 3D scene

Github Repository

Color Scheme Generator

This projects uses machine learning to generate color schemes similar to the used by Jean Francois Painchaud (NSFW).

I analyzed about 150 images in order to extract colors for Skin, Lips, Hair, Background (including Shadows, Midtones and Light).

Some examples of generated color schemes

Generated color schemes applied to a drawing by Powell Burns (CC-BY)

Pianist Animation Generator

The goal of this project is to generate the animation of the pianist directly from a MIDI music file.
The main issue is to determine what finger to use for each note on a specific time.

If a pianist must play 10 notes at once she or he have 9,090,909,090 different possible fingers combinations available! (supposing that the fingers can be arranged in any order)

Keys, Possibilities
1: 10
2: 90
3: 910
4: 9,090
5: 90,910
6: 909,090
7: 9,090,910
8: 90,909,910
9: 909,090,910
10: 9,090,909,090

Using only one finger. Deep QLearning model.

DQL works great for one finger. But for more fingers I switched to Evolutionary Algorithms, where heuristics can be used to simplify the problem.

Finger ordering using an Evolutionary Algorithm

Nyan Cat, ten fingers! Using an Evolutionary Algorithm.

Motion Control

Similar to the Motion Capture project, using Arduino I built a system allowing the precise control of a camera rig using Blender.

Controlling two steppers with Blender

Motion control allows to clone people on VFX

It even allows to have two people shot at different speed!

Arduino Source Code

Motion Capture

Similar to the Motion Control project, here I use Arduino and a Play Station control to animate a Camera inside Blender.

Me giving a talk about Blender and Arduino, controlling the slides with my head XD

Controlling Blender using the Accelerometer

A more sophisticated system using a PS control (footage from Kiribati the Movie)

Instant Memorie

Short film about time.

Music by Federico Haffner

Special mention on Escobar's International Film Festival

Play film: El_Recuerdo_de_un_Instante-Instant_Memorie_HD.mp4 (17Mb)

Eraser Eraser

Aka "Borrador Borrador". Short film made in the context of the Quick festival.

Public Award, Local Jury Award, Global Jury Award

Trinity Island

Short film about a dystopian future.

Special mention on Escobar's International Film Festival

Download film: Trinity_Island-Isla_Trinidad.mp4 (83Mb)

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